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Married couple walking through the orchard at Wind Mountain Ranch.

Alright friends, I’m soooo excited to share a glimpse into this little slice of western heaven in the heart of the Pacific Northwest called Wind Mountain Ranch. Weddings here are based on a beautiful 22 acres of serenity and history tucked in the Columbia River Gorge at the base of Wind Mountain. With 7 timber cabins on site, you can have up to 35 loved ones stay on the property with you the night of your wedding! Soak up sweeping views, wide open sky, and whispering timbers surrounding you—there is such a special feeling you get when roaming around these pastures that just can’t be replicated. Hosting weddings at a ranch of legacy that transports you to another time of simple pleasures and promotes being present with your love!

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About Wind Mountain Ranch

For generations, this land has been tended to with care, evolving from a humble farm to a flourishing orchard, and finally, finding its stride as a cherished horse ranch. Locally owned and lovingly preserved by the owners of the iconic Griffin House, it wears its history proudly, retaining much of its original charm and character.

Here on the ranch, the heart and soul of the earth is felt from the grassy meadows to the forest at the fringes of the land. The trees ascend into lumbering mountains that surround the property in their sacred embrace.

Where is Wind Mountain Ranch?

Closest Major Cities/Towns:

  • Driving Time From Vancouver, WA: 1 hour/51.4 miles
  • Driving Time From Portland, OR: 1 hour and 7 mins/52.7 miles
  • Driving Time From Bend, OR: 3 hours and 5 mins/159 miles
  • Driving Time From Seattle, WA: 3 hours and 51 mins/213 miles

How to Get to Wind Mountain Ranch

Closest Major Airports:

Reflection of an elopement couple around the lily pond at Wind Mountain Ranch.

Why Have Your Wedding at Wind Mountain Ranch?

Welcome to your very own haven at Wind Mountain Ranch. As part of their Wedding Package, they extend to you and your guests an overnight stay, immersing you fully in the magic of this unforgettable serene retreat. 

Embark on a journey to the off-road oasis, where the allure of a destination wedding meets the tranquility of nature. Just a stone’s throw away from Portland, yet worlds apart, Wind Mountain Ranch offers a sanctuary where the stars illuminate the night sky with unparalleled brilliance.

Nestled within the cozy cabins are modern comforts and seclusion guaranteed, ensuring a peaceful escape for you and all your favorite humans. Here, it’s simply you, your loved ones, and the boundless beauty of the land, ready to create memories that will last a lifetime! This is so much more than just another outdoor wedding venue.

FAQ’s About Wind Mountain Ranch Weddings

How much does a wedding at Wind Mountain Ranch cost?

The rental fee ranges from $5,450 to $7,450 for a ceremony and reception and includes an all day rental. The fee for a ceremony only wedding is $1,950. Please inquire here with the venue directly for more details on their rates!

How many guests can you have at Wind Mountain Ranch?

The ranch allows up to 200 guests on the day of your wedding!

Can I hire my own vendor team?

You get the freedom to collaborate with your dream vendor team. While they’re happy to offer their recommendations, they leave the decision entirely up to you! Their goal is to realize your distinct vision and guarantee a smooth experience on your special day.

Does the ranch have an on-site coordinator?

You’ve got your very own WMR Venue Coordinator on board. They’ll be your go-to person, teaming up with you and your wedding planner for up to 6 months before your big day. Together, you’ll tailor the flow of your wedding to fit just right within their spaces. When the day rolls around, everything will run like clockwork, leaving you plenty of room to relax, take it all in, and soak up every moment.

Can I choose my ceremony location?

They offer 3 different INCREDIBLE ceremony sites for you to choose from!

Is there any decor included in the cost of the venue?

You get free rein to dive into a complete collection of timeless furniture pieces. No strings attached. While you’re not obligated to use them, they generously offer up some quality essentials on the house! That way, you’ve got a bit more cash to splash on making your own unique statement.

Can we stay the full weekend?

Take over from Thursday straight through to Sunday, and pick whichever day feels just right for your “I dos.” The choice is all yours. You call the shots on when you want to bunk down at the property—whether it’s the night before the big day or the night of.

How many people can stay OVERNIGHT on the ranch?

The ranch can host up to 35 guests on site in their cabins!

Planning Your Wind Mountain Ranch Wedding

Planning your wedding can feel a bit overwhelming at times. Knowing what to look for in your reception site, what amenities you want included, and much more. Let me break down all the best features of Wind Mountain Ranch weddings down for you!

Top Venue Features

Let me show you allllll of the amazing venue features that this venue has to offer! You can list them all out in a big bulleted list (like below), or separate them even into their own mini paragraph sections if you want to. 

  • On site day of venue coordinator
  • Bridal Suite
  • Outdoor Event Space
  • Covered Reception Hall (coming soon in 2024!)
  • Event Restrooms (coming soon in 2024!)
  • 7 Fully Furnished Cabins
  • Private Access
  • 3 Ceremony Sites
  • Complimentary Use of In House Decor
  • Wireless Internet 
  • Easily Accessible, but Secluded
  • Available for Full Weekend Bookings

Ceremony Site Options

If the venue has multiple options for ceremony spots, list out the different options here and include details the couple would want to know (price, amenities, size, etc.)

Lily Pond

  • Use of dock
  • Southern mountains serve as a backdrop

River View

  • Located on Southwest hillside
  • Views of the Columbia River

Mountain Range

  • Views of Southeast mountains and forest
  • Located in the orchard

The Best Time of Year to Get Married at Wind Mountain Ranch

One of the most appealing parts of having your dream wedding at Wind Mountain Ranch is that each season brings something truly unique to the property. Depending on what kind of weather you find to be the most enjoyable–any season would be a good time to get hitched here. 


Choosing an autumn wedding will give you all of the colorful fall foliage with views of the Columbia River Gorge, but it also enhances the already cozy and inviting atmosphere that you feel on the ranch. The true rustic charm of the ranch comes alive in the colder temperatures!


In the colder months, Wind Mountain Ranch is like a true winter wonderland with frost covered trees and beautiful snow capped mountains! In fact, this time of year is great for bonfires and romantic candlelit receptions. Because once the new covered Reception Hall is complete, just imagine having hundreds of candles lining their long farmhouse tables while all your loved ones enjoy an intimate dinner together! The coziest of vibes for sure!!


Saying your I do’s in spring will bring beautiful blooms and lush greens all throughout the scenery which can make for a stunning view with the milder temperatures. Also springtime really shows off the gorgeous tones of the mountain peaks and forests while providing a more comfortable environment for guests. The beautiful patch of lupines along the tall timbers usually make an appearance around this time. Rain is more common in these months, but if you’re here on a clear spring day then you’re in for a treat!


Summer is always ideal in the Pacific Northwest because the weather is more promising to not have any rain on your wedding day. You’ll get longer, sunny days and pleasant temperatures. This is also going to be when most of the additional recreational activities will be available for you to take advantage of in the nice weather! One thing to keep in mind in the late summer months is wildfire season! The air can become hazy and while that makes for gorgeous photos, it may not be ideal conditions for your guests.

Where to Stay Near Wind Mountain Ranch

For those guests who may be traveling from near or far, but are unable to stay on the ranch, I have compiled a list of nearby rentals, hotels, and campgrounds that they can utilize! There are loads of options for every guest experience which makes this area amazing to accommodate a wedding with a larger quantity of people attending!

A bride and groom walk through the lupines on the border of the ranch in Stevenson, WA.


Perfect Haven in the Woods

  • Sleeps 9 guests
  • 2 beds
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 15 mins from venue

Keys to the Gorge

  • Sleeps 12 guests
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 ½ bath
  • Pet friendly
  • 5 mins from venue

Hotels, Lodges, & Resorts

Skamania Lodge

14 min drive

Located in Skamania, WA

Wilder & Pine Riverside Cabins

11 min drive

Located in Stevenson, WA

Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort

7 min drive

Located in Carson, WA

The Society Hotel

22 min drive

Located in Bingen, WA

Columbia Gorge Hotel

26 min drive

Located in Hood River, OR

Columbia Cliff Villas Hotel

25 min drive

Located in Hood River, OR


Timberlake Campground and RV park

8 min drive

Located in Stevenson, WA

Home Valley Park

5 min drive

Located in Stevenson, WA

Dog Mountain RV Park

3 min drive

Located in Stevenson, WA

A wedding couple having fun running down the gravel road.

Your Wind Mountain Ranch Wedding Photographer

Ultimately, I hope that you’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of tying the knot at Wind Mountain Ranch, it’s time to enlist a pro to bring your vision to life and capture the incredible moments of your special day! Hi, I’m Marisa, a photographer based in the Pacific Northwest, utterly captivated by Wind Mountain Ranch. Each visit deepens my affection for this enchanting location. If you’re seeking a wedding photographer who will deliver a tailored experience, ethereal photos, and an authentic narrative of your unique celebration, I’d be honored to be your photographer. Discover more about my offerings and explore wedding packages and pricing here. If you’re ready to embark on planning your memorable event, let’s make it happen!

Wind Mountain Ranch Wedding Inspiration

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Fun Activities to Plan for Your Wind Mountain Ranch Wedding

Let me take some of the pressure of planning your Wind Mountain Ranch wedding by adding some really fun activities that you can plan and/or share with your loved ones to really explore the venue and the surrounding area of the Columbia River Gorge.

On-Site Activities

  • Enjoy a hot coffee or tea on the porch of your cabin
  • Play board games provided inside each cabin
  • Take a stroll on the grounds
  • Yard games
  • Hike the Wind Mountain Trail

Off-Site Activities


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