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Hey! I’m Marisa. I'm so stoked you made your way to my little corner of the web. I am a wedding and elopement photographer born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I'm planning to relocate to Montana to be closer to my husband and I's extended family in the Spring! When I'm not capturing love stories you'll find me: chasing my kids, hiking, listening to an audiobook, baking, or catching up on a new true crime documentary.
I feel the most myself when I’m walking around barefoot outside, stargazing, breathing in the ocean air, and really anything to do with being outside.

Providing a personalized adventure experience to anyone who wants dreamy, romantic, and nature-inspired photos that capture the heart of their story. 

What sets me apart?

 My core values are creating a safe space where couples can fully embrace their love and authenticity. As a born and raised PNW resident, my soul lies in capturing and protecting the beauty of our world. With artistry that resonates in capturing the unguarded moments, the stolen glances, and the genuine deep belly laughs.
Think photography that is intentional storytelling with a timeless and warm touch.

xx, Marisa

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here for the dreamy, wildly in love, adventurous couples.

I find beauty in silly moments, the subtle mundane, and the everyday. My love language is physical touch, when people share their favorite songs with me, and baking desserts for them. My inspiration stems from connection, light, music, vulnerability, earth tones, genuine laughter,  and natural landscapes.  

I could go on and on about how I have always loved taking photos, but the truth is I actually have always felt called to be a storyteller. Art has consistently been a focal part of my world whether it was writing short stories, painting, creative dance, singing in choir, etc. I love creating art to tell a meaningful story.
I'd love to hear yours!

your life is art and is worthy of having it documented that way.